The trudge…

I experience a very real double edge to what I do.

There are times when I am lucky enough to work in some amazing places, to see different parts of both the UK and the wider world.  At the risk of being a show off, this year has involved (in no particular order):

  • London
  • Leeds
  • Manchester
  • Edinburgh
  • Glasgow
  • Singapore
  • Los Angeles
  • San Diego
  • Leverkusen
  • York
  • Birmingham
  • Malmesbury
  • Grantham
  • Nottingham
  • Stratford-Upon-Avon
  • Bracknell
  • Doncaster
  • Milton Keynes

Then there are the people I get to work with.  There’s the #awesomesauce folk on Twitter, my clients, people I meet.  I am very lucky.

As well as all the people and places, the work I get to do gives me so much joy.  Seeing how what I do (in no particular order):

  • Enriches peoples lives
  • Makes workplaces better
  • Provides insights and perspectives that few others in the world can
  • Protects people
  • Demonstrates value 
  • Creates joy
  • Prevents harm

That is a truly awesome thing.  I feel very very blessed to do for work things that I love to do and bring me momentary joy and long term contentment.  

Then there are the times when I leave home.  Where I have to say goodbye to my family.  When I have to kiss and cuddle ‘see you soon’ to the people that are both the reason I can do my work and the reason for my work.

As I trudge to the station I feel slightly empty, sad and a little lonely.  I know the work that I will do will make a difference (some big and some small) to the lives of the people I will get to interact with.  I am also counting the minutes until I get to exit the station again and go home to one of the best things in the world…. hugs from the people that matter most.

P.S.  There are also times where I get to achieve all the outcomes listed above and do that via the wonderful world of technology, those occasions are just a little bit more special as those hugs are a little bit closer 😉


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