Aberfan – A Personal Recollection

I’ve not blogged for a long time and there is nothing I’d like those that read my blog to read more than this. Thank you for sharing Mr Heath I will be forever grateful



Today marks the 50th anniversary of the Aberfan disaster. My father went back to Aberfan today to pay his respects. He was there 50 years ago. Because he’s an amazing Grandad, he wanted to try to make some sense of this tragedy for his grandchildren. Grandchildren who are the same age as those who lost their lives that day. This is his remembrance, in his own words:

The morning of Friday 21 October 1966 was like any other damp, misty autumn morning in the little Welsh mining village of Aberfan. The village children were on their way to Pantglas Junior School,whose playground looked up one of the steep hills which surrounded the village, with its rows of terraced houses, chapels and shops. Housewives were beginning their daily chores, some setting off to catch the bus for a shopping trip to nearby Merthyr Tydfil. Their miner husbands were already underground in…

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