#CAWCONF16 – When VUCA rocks your world

My second session today was with Kathryn Jackson from New Zealand. In particular she was talking about how Christchurch has responded to the earthquakes in 2010 and 2011 and the role that coaching has played. I know that emotions are different from person to person and that one context I don’t think represents VUCA will represent it for others. I can’t help but think though that when you have no power, sanitation, running water, roads, house(s) for a period of time as long as 2 years. Wowzers trousers. 

The collaborations that have been formed as a result of what happened are inspiring. It makes me wonder what it would take for those collaborations to happen when there isn’t a crisis on that scale. Coaching has been a fundamental part of the solution and not just for a short time, for the 5 years that have passed since then. 

Some of the challenges facing Christchurch were:

– Insufficient skills to deliver the construction required 

– Rapidly and dramatically improved quality and safety standards to reduce likelihood of devastation on that scale happening again 

– The depth of the damage underground so where looked ‘on the surface’ safe to (re)build once investigation/excavation began it had to stop

– The emotion(al) effects of having nowhere to live/eat/work

The responses at an individual level are inspiring with contests in neighbourhoods on ‘who had the best “long drop” in their back garden’ all the way through to jokes like this http://volker.top.geek.nz/Jokes/tex/Youre_from_Christchurch_when.ps.pdf

One of the approaches was to combine the use of emotion language from therapist.com with William Bridges transition framework. By asking people to choose their words they reflected how they felt and plotting on the transition framework allowed for greater self and other awareness. This was done with people from across NZ and those in Christchurch and here are the word clouds that formed:

I love the difference in language and the indication it gives on emotional stance. 

I can’t do this session the full justice it deserves and hope if Kathryn reads it I’ve represented it well enough. The picture below gives you more links if you want to find out more. 



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