Emotion at work

imageI feel scared a lot at the moment

I feel frustrated a lot at the moment

I feel joy a lot at the moment

I feel sad a lot at the moment

Turmultuous, that is me at the moment.

I am medtiating a lot at the moment and feel like I need to do it more often too.


Because I am evolving.

I am getting really clear on what really, really, really matters to me in the work that I do, the life I want to live and the person I want to be.

I am making some new choices.  This is one of those.  I am choosing to experiment and play with things.  Recently I went to the Happy Start Up Summercamp and it blew my mind.  It got me thinking and feeling things that I had been ignoring or simply had not even considered.  Running experiments is one of those things.  I am finding that the idea of experimenting gives me some liberation and freedom to do stuff that I’d otherwise see as a MASSIVE choice that I don’t know if I am ready to make.

#EmotionAtWork is experiment number one.

I love what Michelle Parry-Slater has done with #NoPlasters for her work, social media presence and focus and clarity.  It has been the inspiration behind this experiment.  I told MiPS a while ago that I thought what she was doing was ace and so hope she is OK with me mentioning it here too.

#EmotionAtWork is a bit of a play on words and I am actively exploring three particular perspectives on it:

Emotion in the workplace; the profound impact it has on individual, team, department and company performance.

Emotion at work within individuals; emotion and thought are inextricably linked and I hold a view that the only time thought precedes emotion is when we choose the thought.  Emotions most often occur out of consciousness pulling on evolutionary and learned things, we don’t think them, they just happen.  We may use thought(s) to help us raise awareness of emotion or as an emotion management strategy, that is in consciousness.

Emotion at work between people; emotions are contagious, always present in interaction and they affect how we interact.  If you want an example of that, here’s a blog post I did about it where you can see it happen in a video.

#EmotionAtWork is also a thing I want to explore with others in a way that I’ve not knowingly seen before.

Experiment number two is running an #EmotionAtWork event in the summer of (2016).  The title of the event will be #EmotionAtWork and will be true to my three perspectives; emotion in the workplace, within indviduals and between people.  It will also allow people to work with emotion during the event.

Recently I met an inspiring lady called Ruth Anslow (at the Summercamp mentioned above) who has given me so many ideas and the fuel to run this experiment.  Alongside her sister (Amy) Ruth founded hiSbe (stands for How It Should Be) and has reinvented the way supermarkets run.  I strongly recommend looking them up.

Meeting Ruth got me thinking about how I spread my beliefs and passions about emotion at work with more people and get it making a bigger impact on the world.  The event next summer and this experiment are my starting steps to do so.  What I also know is I want to do this with other people and that leads to experiment number three, asking for help more often.

I want to run the #EmotionAtWork event with others and this is an open invtiation to be part of this event.  Call or text me on 07977 569398, email me at hello@e3ctc.co.uk or find me on Twitter @philwillcox

I want others to experiment with me, so please come and play.

There are some core things about this event that I want to get out there now:

–  Everything begins and ends with #EmotionAtWork.  It will drive the choices made about stuff like; what we do, where we do it, what we eat, who speaks, who runs sessions etc all of it starts from #EmotionAtWork

–  This is a not for profit event

–  There will be costs in the budget to set this event up so anyone involved (including me) in setting it up will be paid something for their time

I think that is it, if you want to come and play, I’d love to run this experiment with you.

Finally, I want to extend another invitation and one that starts now and stretches beyond the event.  I want others to be part of the #EmotionAtWork experiment.  I see it consisting of; blogs, G+ Hangouts, Webinars, TweetChats and many other things that may occur.  My point is I want to start a big experiment (number four) where #EmotionAtWork gets discussed, explored, debated even argued over.  It was suggested recently that I chose a different word to #Emotion as that term may be interpreted as soft or fully or lacking credibility in the workplace.  I have listened to that and decided to ignore it.  Emotion saves lives, gets us un trouble and is a massive part of being human, if you want to read more about my view on that, you can here.

So, thank you for reading and if you want to come and join me on any of the experiments about #EmotionAtWork , I’d love that.

P.S. Thanks to Fiona McBride, Julie Drybrough, Doug Shaw & Ruth Anslow for your help with this so far


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