It’s time…

As I sit here now, I am not sure what to write I had it all planned out and it was going to be alright, and as I sit here now, I find it really hard to know how to say what it is I want to say, as you see it has been a long old time, 15 months in fact, over which I have laughed vexed slumped and cracked, and I know that it will be strange not having the thought each day, ‘what do I need to do for them today’, because it has not been a them thing, it has been a we thing, and a wonderful we thing it has been as I have been part of a team and not just any team, a team that cares far beyond what you might expect, for each other the work colleagues and customers too, as when you are working for a purpose in which you absolutely believe, work isn’t a task thing because it is about so much more, and on a personal maybe selfish note I hold a huge sense of pride to have been part of that team and also that group, a collection of people that make it all work who are there for our patients each other and more, as I know that in those 15 months gone by, I have affected lives and in a good way too, in a way that supports what I am here to do, I remember on the first time we all met as one and I stood on stage to say hello this is me, and I said that creating happiness is what I do and you know what else I love it too, and as I sit here now looking at what has been, there has been a load of happiness along the way and not just for those who work in the group, it has gone further than that it has gone home and dare I say into roots, because work for me isn’t about the 9-5 it is about you the person what is here and outside, because if I care about you it is all of you whether here or there whatever you do, and when I listen to what others say as they speak, I get a wonderful pride that I can keep forever, because I have seen someone change their life for the better, and that is what has been so special for me, that I have got to play in a way that can show people doors they may never have seen then to open too, and have a look and maybe step through, and that choice is theirs and theirs alone, and  the choices I have taken I am so proud that I made as I have delivered my purpose and delivered it well to one and to many and that is well amazing, the thing that matters the most to me is that there is a future without me in it and that is something that gets me all choked up, this work will live on beyond me and my time, that I have been part of a piece of work that has duration and life without me in it is the best compliment in the world and something I will always cherish, as over the past few weeks I have looked around, and sad as it has been, I am not needed anymore if I stay I risk hampering and simply getting in the way so it is time to enjoy and revel in what has been and to look to the future for what is to come, and you know what just for today, as I sit here I am going to enjoy this moment as it will never come again, the moment as I sit here albeit with a tear and say…. It’s time.


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