The Role of L and D in Building Resilience


Our speakers were Sue Beavil from Slater and Gordon and Jeremy Howell from – Tesco
Sue started by getting us all interacitve with red and green cards and were asked to shown them in response to words like change, positive, negative, resilience. Then asked some rhetorical questions around; What is resilience?  Just getting on with it? Muddling through? Finding a way? Eating pasta over sausages?  What about the word, what is it and what does it mean?
For Slater and Gordon, they have three key values:
Uphold the rule of law and deliver justice for our clients
Clients at the heart of everything we do
People make the difference
Sue outlined how they use an ABC approach to bring together all the elements that make up how to build resilience for their employess.  Slater and Gordon are a comany that has grown massively by acquisition and gone from 0-1500 in 3 years.
The A then:
Attitude, Aptitude and Acknowledgement.  Sue used an interesting analogy of needing to be kittens and lions depending on the context.  For example kittens to build the relationships with and for clients and then a lion when fighting to deliver justice.
The B was expanded on a lot more and the picture below shows the detail.  I wanted to pick up on the balance apects of needing to be prepared but also to be leading the way. The need to be effective on billing client work and also getting it right.  I think it is a tough balance to strike and like that it is referenced as an area itself.
The C is then about Confidence, Capability and Culture.  
What I found interesting was how Sue explained they wanted to go into the idea of confidence in more detail.  For Slater & Gordon, they’ve broken it into; sense of contribuition, self-esteem, courage, control and influence, communication, skills and knowledge.  What I find fascianting is that this was done with the intent to pin down a nebulous concept even more, yet includes some yet still tricky areas.  One to ponder maybe.
The final analogy that Sue shared was that of viewing people and their development as an elastic band.  It can only be put to effective use when it is stretched.
Jeremy Howell from Tesco was up next and whereas Sue was more general about how Slater and Gordon manage the growth and change (of which resilience is a part), Jeremy was much more on Resilience in detail.  
There were some wider world and some context specific things that prompted Tesco to look at this topic.  The wider world one’s are in the picture below and paint a fairly compelling picture.  When you then add in Tesco context relevant aspects of; rapidly changing retail environment, the need to work smarter not harder and the 24/7 working environment, it made sense to look at it.
Tesco then define Resilience as ‘Knowing your own sources of energy and keeping yourself fit for life’ and there are some sub sections too and I like that headline more.  Jeremy went on to say one of the goals of this programme is to help people thrive (doing things they way and getting energy), more than survive (doing what I have to and maybe crashing). 
To develop the programme they reviewed the legacy programmes as well as looked wider at the academic world around positive psychology and partnering with Nuffield health.  Finally, Jeremy shared their vitality framework which has thriving at the core, surrounded by balance with the four areas of Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual framing it.  
There is something wierdly strange about Tesco talking about Spiritual health…..
That said, it looked good and sounded good.  
The outlook for Tesco employees is that no matter your role or level you can access some resilience development.  There is a greater investment and depth of support for directors over your average employee which I can understand, although I may not agree with.
Overall a good session and most of all, it created this image from @simonheath1 when Jeremy talked about Phantom Vibration Syndrome. 



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