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When I went to Street Wisdom late last year, it began with a question.  ‘Where do you get your best ideas?’

The answers varied.  The shower was a popular place.  But one thing that all the answers had in common, was not one of them involved being sat at a desk or in an office.  None of them took place within the constraints of the 9-5.

I asked the question of others recently. The answers ran along a similar theme.  The shower made another appearance.  Someone said in the car.  Another said whilst outside, running.  Places and spaces where we are not deliberately thinking or doing or planning, but thinking all the same, unconsciously, unintentionally.

I like my office.  It is light, and there is a tree outside the window.  Birds come and go all day long and I find myself watching them when I’m on the phone.  Inside I…

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