EQ Summit 2015 – Opening address

The opening session from Martyn was an interesting one that looked backwards, into history and economics and the work of Adam Smith, the man who has been immortalised on the British £20 note. Smith talked about how in economics there is a need to be connected and how actually, we are interested in the fotrtunes of others and empathy matters.

He went on then to talk about research into empathy and in particular in children.  Whether helping other people or animations on a screen, children will help others… as long as their is a relationship in place.  If the relationship is taken away, then that will drop away quickly. This is an interesting one for me as there is a strong link to the work by Cialdini and his principles of influence.
We then went on to reference back to the work of Daniel Goleman and his first book in 1995.  Since the publishment of Daniel Goleman’s book. The links between emotional intelligene and leadership who’d need to read 141 articles and if you read them all… 10 skills will fall out of the bottom and you will find 10 skills.  Those ten (apparently) are what the Emotional Capital Report measures.  
According to Martyn, we also need two things, to like yourself and feel confident in what you do.  For me there is some links here to the work of sociologists Erving Goffman and in particular how his work was taken and evolved by Brown and Levinson here.
We also referenced mindfulness, motivation and compassion which will look forward to other sessions that will follow today so I will blog more on them later.
A good opening to the day, let’s see where we go from here.

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