Positive psychology – 2 years on

In August 2012 I penned this post http://peopleperformancepotential.com/2012/08/09/the-moon-a-telescope-a-waterbed-and-being-centred/ and as a result I was invited to attend a ‘Positive Psychology in Application’ hosted by the wonderfully amazing Sukh Pabial.

You have every right to consider stopping reading now as what follows is written in the context that:

A) I think Sukh is an inspirational L&OD practitioner
B) The session I attended with Sukh still affects me now, two years on
C) I’m ok with A and B

The session that I attended did a number of things for me and one of the biggest was the grounding in good quality research. I’m a bit geeky in that if someone is going to share content I want to know where it has come from and the context around the research. Sukh gave me that and so I was able to find out more and if you are interested there’s some cool TED talks here.

What else has stuck?



What I love the most about this is that people that weren’t at the session and followed the back channel on Twitter use is too. I’m probably a 4 or 5 days of the week #3goodthings and I do so across a couple of platforms (Twitter and whatsapp) and introduced it into two of my clients. I really like that it is so simple and yet even on those days where it feels hard to do, thinking of those #3goodthings is a worthwhile investment of time.

Gratitude visits

I’ve done this in a couple of ways. I have done a few in the original intended methodology and also it manifests itself in my thinking around appreciation and how as individuals and organisations we can (and I think need to) appreciate more and better.

Pecha Kucha 

This was the first time I had ever seen someone do 20 slides, 20 seconds each slide and they move on automatically so you have to be on it. For me it is such a contrast with ‘death by PowerPoint’ as if you aren’t on it you are scuppered. Your slides will go and you look like a cock. I’ve taken the approach and done an ‘Ignite’ recently and loved it. It is such a challenge to be able to get your message so simple and easy to understand, to get rid of all the crap and set up a room to get your message. Loved it.

I titled this section ‘what else has stuck’ and don’t think that this does it justice. I’ve integrated three core principles and techniques from this session into my daily practice. Yes, a session I attended TWO YEARS ago still positively affects and benefits my practice today. 

That is value right there. No evaluation form in sight ;-))))

Thanks Sukh


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