#CIPD14 – It’s the little things

This post has been a while in coming for a few reasons.

A) I blogged fast and often during the conference and exhibition and wanted to take some breath before doing my summary post
B) It has been a mad few weeks with illnesses at home and lots at work too with few train journeys to give me space and time to think
C) I have started and rewritten this post a few times as it didn’t feel right.

Today, it does and here we go.

The culmination of a number of small elements have came together to make this conference one of my all time favourites.

Little thing #1

The blog squad. A group of people that supported, cared for, retweeted and shared each other’s content like a brilliant team. Felt proud and privileged to be among them.


Little thing #2

New approaches. To name a few:

The Fringe events from Doug Shaw and Meg Peppin were amazing.
David D’Souza and I facilitated a Street Wisdom event.
Andy Lancaster, Perry Timms, Niall Gavin and Paul Taylor each did and ignite presentation & were supported by Julie Drybrough, Mike Collins, Meg Peppin and Michelle ParrySlater to facilitate an open space session both of which have NEVER been done at a CIPD event.
Perry Timms launched the first ever CIPD MOOC

I’ve probably missed some stuff and it was brilliant to see the CIPD experimenting and trying new things. From my perspective and what I saw on the back channel, it really worked.

Little thing #4

The involvement of independent folk like myself. I run the risk of making it egotistical and that’s ok as it matters. It feels as though the cipd are actually saying being an independent HR professional is an actual career path for people entering or in HR, L&D or OD. It feels great that my professional body is more and more recognising my vocation.

Little thing #5

Simon Heath and his amazing artwork. The man is a genius, pure and simple. His artwork adds so much to the event and brings joy and conversation too. Well done Mr Heath, you are legend.


Little thing #6

Please, can we stop with the whole ‘seat at the table’ debate, that is One Thing I am so over. We think it will give us credibility and sway and influence. It won’t, that’s a load of bollocks, sorry, it is and if that upsets you, get over it fast and get on with a worthy ambition like
1) Be Awesome 2) Be happy 3) help others be 1&2

You and others will be happier and more awesome than you would chasing a chair somewhere. Plus, who wants to sit down anyway?

Little thing #7

The connections on social media and in real life too. A particular highlight was the IIP stand where we had great chat on Twitter and in real life I was welcomed, asked to sit down, talked with (not to) and had a real laugh with the people on stand.


Little thing #8

The lack of censorship. I still pinch myself that the cipd ask me to come and blog and the only request is to represent the event as accurately as possible. It’s a great testament to trust and transparency.

Overall, as I said at the start, a great conference and exhibition.

Where am I now? As Peter Cheese said is his opening speech, ‘there has never been a better time to be in HR’ and I agree. I love what I do and I’m lucky in that has been pretty much the story of my life, I hope that others that share my profession can get that too.

#CIPD14 over and out


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