The future model for HR – opening address from #cipd14

IMG_3186.JPGThe CIPD annual conference begins in Manchester with an opening address from Peter Cheese. I like Peter and what he has done for the cipd. It has changed (for me) under his tenure so far. Social is more active and a part of the way the CIPD engage with the wider audience and L&D is a much more active part of the world for CIPD.

In his opening address he talks about four key areas that he thinks are the future for HR. Below I have summarised those areas with what he said and my thoughts on it.

Insight on the changing context

Peter talks about how this is a huge part of our future. A HR function that is insular cannot survive. What this also means though is more than the immediate context of your team and your organisation, it is bigger than that. What is happening in the industry or sector that your business operates?

The science of human behaviour

Peter talks about Neuroscience, positive psychology, systems thinking. And how HR needs to embrace and run towards these areas as they are what are important to and drive people. Ultimately, everything we do in #hr is about people and humans.

I think we are also missing things here, there is a need to add in to this sociology, emotion, cognition (including biases or heuristics) because what we feel and how we think are things that you cannot separate.

Business, commercial insight & analytics

The challenges Peter outlines here is how can we move from (what people see and in my opinion is in place) a control function to a true enable function. Things that can help us:

– big data and mega trends
– links with CIMA
– links with facilities management (and street wisdom is a great example of that)

HR Essentials and learning processes

We need to look at what we do (as a profession or function) and say ‘what evidence do we have that *insert work, e.g. Employee engagement survey* is adding value. If this answer is little or none, as is often the case with employee engagement surveys then we need to stop doing it, yes, stop doing it.

Peter also goes on to talk about how those four areas above evolve the professions. There are some key areas the cipd are focussing on:

Profession for the future
Human capital standards
Human capital metrics
Professionalisation – is HR a profession or a discipline? Peter refers to a hbr article, is HR capable of doing all this complicated strategy stuff, should we get other people to do it? ‘Not on my watch’ says Peter.
Internationalisation – how do we build a profession in an international context.

In conclusion, an exciting time ahead for the CIPD and the profession. I think these areas that Peter has talked about are important. As well as that there are other things I’d chuck into that mix. Namely

– emotion
– sociology

Peter also says: “there has never been a better time to be in HR” and you know what, I agree


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