How I feel right now..

Because let’s be honest that’s all that matters to me to others and for the world and the world at least mine is wicked I couldn’t ask for much more right now I have an amazing family near and far I have amazing friends at home that are near and far and I have amazing friends on line in real life that are also near and far sometimes I hear others talk about tribes or personal learning networks and for me it is about people and right now I am surrounded by people that are epic and I use that word knowing what it means both from a connotation and semantic perspective and yet I still use it because they are epic I feel so proud privileged and lucky to be part of a group at #cipd14 that are so passionate committed and determined to make lives at work better and that includes folk at cipd and beyond I am part of something that feels so full of energy enthusiasm care challenge and overall awesomeness which fills me with energy and drive so I will sum up with a genuine and heartfelt thank you to everyone that is around me digitally and physically as you make my life brilliant and you make me happy and you make me proud to be me so I thank you from the bottom of my heart as you enrich my life


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