Being brilliant everyday – cipd14


Having a real thing about appreciation and also my well known passion for emotion and it’s power to affect our lives every day then this session intrigued me.

There was some really good stuff in there and what really resonated with me was:

The old historical view/method of ‘learning’ being about breadth and variety of experience is outdated.
What matters now is depth and what was termed ‘vertical development’ where the development is all about the self.

That if you want to impact performance, focussing on behaviour won’t get you there. You need to look to the deeper levels of thinking, feeling, emotion and physiology.IMG_0380.JPG
That the links and feedback loops between thinking and feeling are vital to understanding and that more often feeling will trump thinking.
The model suggested of levels of emotional and social intelligence. It reads well and makes good sense.

That the use of tech (in this case a cardio monitor) to assess heart rate can be really insightful for the person and gives data they cannot get any other way.

What I question or challenge:
That the feedback loops and links referred to above are just between thinking and feeling. For me they go on down through emotional and physiology too. It is possible and common that what you think affects your physiology as well as your emotion.
That emotion can be polarised into positive – negative and activation – relaxation. I just don’t feel these labels are helpful. There can be constructive applications of anger, frustration and anxiety as there can be with apathy, inattentive and detached. It is the context that defines the constructive or destructive application of emotion.

What annoyed me:
The use of gender stereotypes to get a (cheap) laugh and actually doesn’t help with emotional or social intelligence (in my view)

A good session and one I enjoyed attending.


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