Work, care and happiness

I have loved my work this week. Everything about it! Hang on…. Yes everything about it.


Because, I have delivered my purpose in my work in leaps and bounds this week.


Because I’ve cared. Seriously, properly, genuinely, actually cared. About the people around me, what I do, what it means and the impact it has.

Because I’ve appreciated. Taken the time to notice and think about the people around me, what they bring, what I value in them, how I feel being with them, how I feel about me, what I value in me and what I bring.

So what?

It has meant that I have made calls, sent message, tweeted to people telling them exactly what it is I appreciate, value, and feel about them and/or what they do. That has had some great outcomes for me too. I have had calls, messages and tweets in return. I didn’t want, request or ask for them and that others decided to share made me feel brilliant, absolutely brilliant.

I know that I have made differences to peoples lives this week because they have told me, I have seen it & I have felt it.

Caring about mine and other peoples happiness matters to me, it’s not some pastime. It matters because there is no emotion that can lift, energise, inspire, enthuse and build understanding and relationships quite like happiness.

All emotions are contagious, we catch them off others, we pass them to others, often unconsciously. What I want to do is pass on emotion as much as I possibly can and the emotion I want to pass is happiness. If I put lots genuine, caring, honest & authentic happiness into the world, who knows, it may get passed around. I’d rather pass that around than something else.


Probably not and this is one thing I won’t care about. This is about more than pragmatism, I can and will do that when I need to. This is about what I value and if I don’t do what I value, it’s more of a hobby.

David D’Souza once said

1. Be happy
2. Be awesome
3. Help others be 1 & 2


Seems like a great approach to me 😄😄


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