It’s time to choose, right now

20140905-095915-35955128.jpgIf there is one thing you read today let this be it and see what is happening around Social Media HR and making things new different and changing the game which I know and accept that your reality may feel like we are just ‘working’ and ‘making being purpose led happen’ and we aren’t as what we are doing is bigger than that or it can be if we let it and if we believe it so we can grab the opportunity we have and really run with it as this is a once in a career context we are in right now and how I feel is that if I don’t take this…. I’ll close up my company doors and go home to reconsider my life & what matters as what really matters is people and their happiness at work and HR is the profession that if it chooses to can have an epically large impact on the happiness of people at work which will make them happier at home and so they will be happier with their families and friends who will also be happier and one thing that this world needs is more happiness and yes it is scary petrifying even and yes it is hard work incredibly hard maybe and since when did anything come easy or without the excitement of overcoming even mild fears and yes you are right people will get in the way and push back and maybe even work hard to sabotage what you are doing and sometimes behave in a way you didn’t want or expect and when they do this is a test of your conviction of your values of your belief of your care as if you do all of those it won’t matter not one bit as you know that this is about more much more and you can take heart and belief and confidence and conviction in what you have chosen and for me I am in this for the duration and creating workplaces organisations and people that are happy is what matters to me and so I ask you one thing are you with me?


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