3 years by & priding

20140812-165413-60853302.jpgI was very kindly reminded by LinkedIn and some friends that I am three whole years into the world of being solely responsible for my livelihood. No salary, no pension, no paid holiday, no sick pay, no personal development, (at least not unless I’ve earned enough money to pay for such things) and that’s just the work based stuff. I’ll step away from food and roof over the head for my family and I.

Looking back, I am proud (hence the title) as through arguably the worst years of the shit economic times, the company (aka me) has managed to afford all bar one of the above thanks to:

1) My wonderfully supportive understanding and caring wife. It’s been a tough three years and thank you.
2) My amazing parents who leant me the money to begin university for the first time in my life.
3) The bank who lent me some cash so I could get things started.
4) The companies (DPG, HW Wood, Oval & The Woodland Trust) who became my first clients and without whom I’d be nowhere now.
5) Me and my hard work. I’ve never worked as hard in my life as I have over the last three years and it has got me a lot and come perilously close to costing me more.

Would I change? Yes and no. I’d change some decisions I made. I knew, somewhere, deep down, that saying ‘yes’ was the wrong thing and fear (of not having the income) dominated the right choice. I’ve learned from those decisions now.

What I also know is that this can be a lonely world. On your own, on the road, just yourself for company. That I why I value my social network so much. Thank you to all of you in it. You are an important part of my world.

Finally, I have to return to my amazing wife. I am sorry for the hurt, loneliness and tiredness that you have had because of these three years and for the record, thank you. For more than you can imagine. Thank you.

What is to come, less hours, more family time, less travel and as always….. Creating happiness.


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