Squished, cheated, grumped, inspired & biked


What a day.

From being up & out at 0738 today has been full on. I’ve either been tweeting, blogging, talking, hugging or focussing for 15 hours and I am done.

This post probably won’t be as eloquent as some that I do and at the same time allows me to pull it all together.

My day began on an immensely cramped train with children annoying their parents and commuters with faces in each other’s face or armpits. It didn’t create a load of fuss though, we all just got on with it and in the typical polite manner, ignored that your face was in my armpit (or vice versa).

I then arrived and got to finally meet Simon Heath (@simonheath1) as well as get a great hug from Julie Drybrough (@fuchsia_blue) a quick cuddle from Damiana Casile (@Damiana_HR) and man hugs from David D’Souza (@dds180) and the irrepressible Perry Timms (@perry_timms).


Then the real madness began with plugs, cables, chargers, pamphlets all sorts going on in the press area while all the bloggers and tweeters got their gear in order. I feel really quite proud to be part of that group. Let’s be honest about it, the cipd are letting us loose with absolute free reign to say what we think and feel about the conference and exhibition. Not everyone gets the chance to do that and I feel privileged to be part of the group.

I began with Jeff Turner from Facebook and my blog post for his session is here. Having reflected, he did say some good stuff and shared some interesting ideas, it was just that his talk wasn’t in line with the title and that I felt cheated as a result.

Next was MOOC’s and my blog post for that session is here. My disappointment for this session was that it had the potential for more…. Let the audience find a MOOC that interested them, look at it, access some content, let us play. The background, context and stats were interesting, I wanted to play too.

After lunch it was the session I was really looking forward to….. Neuroscience and leadership and I was left flat. My blog post for that session is here. I so wanted it to be more and it wasn’t. Maybe I expected too much and/or my base knowledge was too high. That said, the only study cited was from 1996 and there is more to neuroscience and emotion than; fear, the amygdala, SCARF & hijacks.

After spending some time on the conference floor I was drawn into the session on resilience as the chatter on twitter was really really positive about both speakers and content. I arrived to see the last third and I’d agree the speaker (forgotten her name will add at a later date) was engaging and had good content.


After the event I needed to go and meet a client and was unable to get a train (too full) or a cab (none around and/or available) and so did a first for me……. Hired a Boris bike to transport me across London to Kings Cross. The bus drivers and cabbies were really kind to me and the journey went off without a hitch.

What followed was three hours of amazing conversation that gave me hope and belief that my clients and I can make real differences to enriching peoples lives. It also got me thinking about a tweet I sent in reply to Helen Amery (@wildfigsolns) which sums up my views on today.

@PhilWillcox: @WildFigSolns reminds me of @sukhpabial blog post today. Is there ‘new’ or is it that some people find the #courage &/or #context to do ‘it’?

What did I meant by that? Is what enables the people, the organisations, the groups that stand on these stages and share their experiences two things combined together:

Courage – to do what they thought or felt was right and commit to that and do that
Context – that what was happening around them or when they were doing it was just the right time for that to come together.

For the rest of us that then listen to it all saying ‘heard that before’ ‘why hasn’t the thinking moved on’ ‘are we hearing this again’?

What are we doing to create the courage and context to allow us to do the things we are tweeting and blogging about? If we’d done this stuff that we know all about already, why aren’t we on that stage instead of sat at the back blogging and tweeting?

I run the risk of sounding harsh and remember that I am part of the group I am being harsh against.

Let’s take this frustration (part of the anger family) and use it constructively to create the contexts and give us the courage to do what we bemoan others not doing for us.

Goodnight x


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