Change Management – Pooh Bear, Superman, Wardrobes and Beer Mats

101 Half Connected Things

(feedback welcome folks! Thanks to the brilliant Simon Heath for the illustration, it’s the skeleton of my talk at this – thanks for all the views so far)

I want to talk to you about changes to the way we think about change. I want to leave you unsure as to whether I believe what I’m saying – but sure that the questions are worth asking.

I was asked to speak on how to change people and working in organisational development and, having run HR and OD projects internationally for a large proportion of my career, that was a sensible request. I was also asked to speak because I like disagreeing with things. I mean to provoke, rather than offend.

So here is the first thing that I disagree with – I disagree with the notion that I can stand on stage for 25 minutes and leave you with a…

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