I choose


Does that mean I am continuously happy? No

Does that mean that those I work with are always happy? No

Does that mean my family are always happy? No

It does mean that the outcome and purpose are always 100% clear, creating happiness is what matters. The journey to that destination will involve other feelings; fear, anger, sadness, offence and likely many others too. The great thing is that at each and every stage of that journey we have the potential for choice:

What we feel (about what we are thinking).

What we think (about how we feel).

How we respond.

How we act.

What we do.

With increased self awareness comes; insight, choice, better decisions and happiness. Happiness because the choices being made are ones that are informed by why we are here, who we are, what we do.

I feel very, very privileged to be me. I get to provide the opportunities to create happiness. That is a very humbling experience.


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