World peace? Not for me thank you!

If there was one thing you could wish for the world what would it be? I was asked this question a few years ago and my response while natural for me was a surprise to the person that posed the question. My answer;

‘I want everyone to LOVE what they do!’

The response, ‘but don’t you want world peace or anything like that?’

‘No. Just imagine how great the world would be if everyone really, really loved what they do.’

Over my years in the world of work I have been lucky enough to find two things:

1) Something I am good at
2) Something I LOVE to do

What does this mean? Well it means I:

– Look forward to getting up in the morning.
– Am often found working evenings and weekends (sometimes during the night too).
– Rarely switch off from ‘work’ and am constantly looking for content, ideas, connections and opportunities.

There may be some people that think this is unhealthy or a poor state of my ‘work-life balance’. Actually it is a perfect work life balance. How? Because it isn’t work, at least not in the traditional sense. It is:

– FUN.
– Interesting.
– Enriching my life.
– Making me happy.
– Helping me achieve my goal(s) in life.

I have met some people that just detest going to work and I wish that I could do more to help them find what they love doing. I often wonder how much effort and energy it must take to go to work when you don’t want to. Is there a way you can use that same effort and energy to find out what you love to do and take steps to get there?

It is a fact of life that we have pragmatic issues that need to be addressed. We need somewhere to live or to eat or to clothe or protect those we care about. I get that. At the same time though there MUST be something we can do to create a plan for change and work towards it.

There is someone I know who is in that place. They hate what they do, would like to leave and know that if they do they will lose their home. So, over the past few months they have been building something that is what they love to do and will give them a real escape. It may not come off, at least they are taking action and feel happier as a result.

That inspires me!

I hope it inspires you too.

Find what you love. When you do, it changes, it no longer becomes ‘work’ or needing to find a ‘work-life balance’. It becomes ……………………………… Life!

And I hope that you find a way to love life.

What would you wish for the world?

How close are you to finding what you LOVE to do?

What would it mean for HR or L&D or employers if everyone in it loved what they did?




4 responses to “World peace? Not for me thank you!

    • Hi Jack.

      Thanks for your comment and agree it probably would follow. In the short term though having everyone happy and enjoying life, that will do for me!!


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