It is all about the Naches


When I was given the opportunity to contribute to this blog carnival about potential coming to fruition I wanted to share this story.

‘Naches’ is a Yiddish word that refers to the pride a parent (or mentor) feels about the accomplishment of an offspring (or mentee). ‘Naches’ is about the facilitating the growth and achievement of children, or in this case a mentee, colleague and friend.

I was fortunate and lucky to have had the opportunity to lead two people during the years 2008-2011. To be honest I have never stopped leading them and if anything we all lead each other now. Sure we all work for different organisations and we only see each other face to face once a year and yet that connection is as strong as ever.

This post in particular is about Simon. Someone who when I met him wasn’t sure about who he was, what he did that made him great, what he stood for or how he needed to be to be at his best.

What I found fascinating was that he had an abundance of potential, energy, enthusiasm, passion and somehow nobody had helped him tap into it ……….. Yet. In fact, I found out that those he had worked with before had tried to get him to change, to be different, to be someone he wasn’t. That just doesn’t wash with me!

So, I decided to work hard to help him tap into this potential. To find, see or hear the ingredients that he already possessed which he could mix together and combine to give him his recipe for his own success.

We helped and supported each other through some tough personal and professional challenges. We did a lot of reflection, coaching, exploration, long long conversations to get to the core of who Simon is, what makes him that way and how we can harness all of those amazing things to make a difference for him, for others, for the world!

Fast forward to Ocotber 2012 and that potential has been completely fulfilled.

Through his hard work, determination, reflection, application and his own unique way of doing things has got him to the point where he is changing lives, for the better.

I have just watched a video that he has created as a farewell present for someone he works with. It is an inspired five minutes and thirty three seconds and I hope that one day, I get a video like that, it will stay with me forever.

So why am I writing a blog post about Simon’s video?

Because it matters.

It mattered so much to him that he went to people he doesn’t know and convinced them to dance, in the office, to music, on camera, to go into a video that would be treasured by the recipient for all time.

It matters because the recipient of this video has had such an amazing impact on those people in the workplace that they were happy to dance, in the office, to music, on camera and consent to a video being made of it.

It matters to me as I know how many hours at home he will have worked to create this video where the editing is so good, the people are all dancing in time to the beat of the music.

This post is about PRIDE;

In ourselves
In others
In life

Thank you Simon for the great feeling of Naches you have given me today. The recipient of the video and I will be eternally grateful.

When have others made you feel Naches?
How do others feel Naches about you?

Just so you know (and if you want to use the word) the ‘ch’ is pronounced like it would be in the name of the composer ‘Bach’ rather than softly as you would in the word ‘cheese’. So phonetically it is ‘nackhes’.

Click here to see the amazing video!


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