You too can hire the A&P-Team


In 2012 a crack emotional awareness unit was sent to London for a task they were willing to commit. These men promptly arrived at the De Vere training and conference centre in Holburn Bars.

Between Wednesday the 26th and Friday 28th of September this unit changed the lives of 7 people forever.

Over the course of those three days the unit are accused of:

Forcibly opening the eyes of 7 unsuspecting people to the world of emotion.
Purposefully and deliberately giving opportunity and motive for the 7 innocent people to identify and see what the seven universal emotions look, sound and feel like in themselves and others.
Using the medium of science to lay bare their fundamental evolutionary emotional triggers and challenged them to identify their learned triggers.
Being in possession and supplying the knowledge of automatic appraisal, impulse, learned or feeling display rules and the refractory period, (AKA the components and the timeline of emotion).
Enticing and actively encouraging the 7 people to take a (literal and metaphorical) long hard look in the mirror.
Going so far as to supply the tools to enable the 7 innocent parties to commit to changing their lives forever.

Apparently the two men used all available assets (including their devilish charm, depth of subject knowledge, good looks, exceptional facilitation techniques and quality learning design) to commit this amazingly brazen act!

As yet the full repercussions of these acts are unknown. What we do know is:

There are now 7 people on the loose armed with the knowledge, skill and ability to reliably read emotions in themselves and others.
This new learning will be used by all of them to transform their own emotional awareness so that they can see the ‘spark’ of an emotion before the ‘flame’ and use this to make better choices about their actions.
They are intending to use this to build sustainable and positive relationships with others.

If you see these 7 people, please approach them to ascertain how their lives have been changed for the better and how what they have aquired can be used by you too.

As for the crack emotional awareness unit that are accused of these actions, they:

Openly admit their culpability in this incident.
Formally state for the record that they will willingly and purposefully commit this action again and again.
Are happy to talk to you if you want to know more.

Today, still wanted by others, they survive as soldiers for emotion awareness. If you want to improve your emotional awareness, let them and DPG help you. Click here and you will find them, you too can hire, the A&P Team.

The programme in question is the Emotional Skills & Competencies Programme provided by DPG


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