All the lights are changing red to green


All the lights are changing red to green – thanks to David Gray for the lyric.

On my website there is an audio and visual treat that greets you and my opening line is “I count myself as a very lucky individual.” I wrote this when I decided to set up e3 in August 2011 and now, 10 months on I count myself luckier than ever!

I am lucky enough to be surrounded by people that I know are there for me and are determined for me to succeed. There are those most precious to me in my immediate and extended family who are there and I will always be grateful for.

I also have had the opportunity to connect, meet and work with some exceptional people in the world of business too.

Whenever I start to get nervous or think about whether I made the right decision someone comes along to validate that I did. This may be that:

– they want me to do some work for or with them
– they want to help me be more successful and/or improve my business
– there is someone they know who they think I can help or add value to
– it is someone new to connect with.

A great example is that last month I had a conversation (using Twitter) with a team GB gold medal winning Olympian (thanks @OlympianBen), how amazing is that!!!!!

I do wonder at times what is it that makes me so lucky? Could it be:

– Fate?
– That I am just great at what I do?
– Others like my approach and results so much that use me again?
– The years I have spent supporting and enabling others has built me up some ‘credits’ that are being cashed in?

Maybe it is one or more of all of the above.

The important thing is that I am on a road where it seems I have a support team around me that spring into action when I need them, even if I don’t know they are there. To all those that are in and will join the team in the future, I thank you from the bottom of my heart and more than you will ever know.

For now, I will continue to enjoy the road especially when all the lights are changing red to green!


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