Do or do not, there is no try

The title of this blog works on a number of levels (I like things that work on a number of levels) for me:

1) I have been meaning to start writing a blog for ages and inspired by the recently found legend that is Mike Collins (@mikecollins007 on Twitter if you fancy a follow). So, I am writing a blog.
2) I set my company up in August last year and I am doing well and immensely proud of what I have achieved. Yet, I am regularly drawn back into looking at jobs or a suitable safe option that I know is not what I really want to do. So, I am making a success of my dream.
3) My wonderful and amazing wife gave me the kick up the a*^e I needed yesterday and told me to immerse myself in my passion, she and my kids will be there waiting for me each time I ned to come up for air. So, I am immersed.

I am excited to see where this blog will go. My intention is to:

– Add value; I hold a belief that what I do has to make a positive difference, to individuals, teams, organisations or the world (yes the world). If it doesn’t, why bother.
– Cause thought and/or reflection that leads to action; I am confident that I have a skill in showing people doors that they may have ignored, missed or simply not wanted to see. Whether they walk through those doors, that is up to them. What I hope to do is help people see, think, hear or feel things that they didn’t before.
– Have some fun; I like fun and fun brings smiles, smiles bring happiness and I like happiness just as much as fun.

I am yet to decide how often to blog or what exactly to blog about. I only decided to write this blog at 21:06. If there is something that meets the three criteria above, I will write it.

For now thanks for reading and I hope you read more soon.



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